Distance Learning

Structured remote learning at an accelerated pace.


Structured Remote Learning

You’re involved in work, ministry, and home; does college fit in? Balance your priorities and maximize your education at home with the Verity Distance Learning (DL) program.

With DL, you can take advantage of the flexibility afforded by the program while staying on track with your academic goals:

  • Study at home with online access to Verity’s class videos, study guides, and more
  • Receive personalized guidance and assistance from your academic advisor
  • Get textbooks and study resources shipped to your home from Verity’s Library

No fee or obligation required.

Updated Online Experience

Verity online learning is now offering an updated track with College For All. College For All offers our students some exciting new features and includes more study resources. As the name implies, College For All allows students from all differing backgrounds to apply, yet the majority of College For All staff are Verity alumni! We desire to bring Verity’s same innovative educational model to a wider market with this partnership. Check out the College For All website and learn more about their online resources and flexible price structure.


Each of our degree programs has been carefully selected and has a proven track record of success with our graduates. It’s our desire to provide an excellent academic experience for our students that they can then use as a launching pad in pursuing their calling.

Visit the Degree Programs page for a comprehensive breakdown of our degrees.

“The distance learning program offered by Verity allowed me to balance a life at home, a career, and a bachelor’s degree, all at the same time! Through the flexibility incorporated into the distance learning program, I was able to make the courses fit my schedule, and the accountability of fellow students and my program advisers enabled me to finish ahead of schedule. Verity’s efficient schedule allowed me to save precious time and focus on my passion of live video production. This made me a pro in my field by the time I finished college.



’13 Class, Communications
The affordability and flexibility of the Verity Distance Program allowed me to carry a full academic load while I was working part-time at my job. The benefit of a personal program advisor to guide me through the degree program and to track my academic progress was a tremendous blessing and support. The Verity Distance Program is proof that a student can obtain the advantages of a college education without abandoning their obligations and responsibilities at home. ”



’15 Class, Humanities
Verity’s Distance Learning program allowed me to continue on with current employment, and not only graduate debt free, but also complete my degree without leaving the working world. Additionally, the opportunity to meet others with similar belief backgrounds during orientation was an encouragement. While there are many other ways to earning a degree, the Verity Distance program provided a good balance of quality study material, minimal time investment in working out the details for my degree, and a mindset of looking to the Bible as the final authority on all subjects which assisted me in completing a bachelor’s degree in less than two years.”



’12 Class, Business Administration – General Management


With Verity’s Distance program, students have the potential of saving thousands of dollars and months of time on their Bachelor’s degree while remaining involved in their local community. For a more detailed breakdown of our pricing, visit our What Does It Cost? page.


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