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Established in 2001, Verity College Education was founded to disciple college students to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ as they pursue higher education. The service we offer is academic training that results in an accelerated, regionally-accredited bachelors degree; and we love enabling our students to finish college years ahead of their peers. But, even beyond academic excellence, our true passion lies in equipping students to be salt and light in this world.

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Supportive Environment

During the course of our Campus Program, like-minded students and staff help one another view life through the lens of God’s Word. Students become lifelong friends as they prepare together to go out and engage the culture by living out the hope of the Gospel. In this fast-paced learning environment, something is always happening. Between classes, studying, testing, and service hours, students always make time for weekend and after-school activities that all contribute to the Verity Campus Experience.

Focused Instruction

In contrast to the traditional approach to college, Verity students generally study just one subject at a time. Courses are concentrated into 2- to 3-week modules so that students can focus their attention without conflicting assignments from other courses. Qualified instructors, individualized academic advisement, study guides, instructional PowerPoints, and all necessary textbooks are available to students during their time on campus.

Find out how our academic approach works on our How It Works page.

Leadership Orientation

Verity is not just another educational program. It is a unique, non-traditional, state-of-the-art, accelerated, affordable, biblically-based adventure for those who seek to lead rather than follow the crowd. We believe that the best way to lead is by first learning to serve, and are thus very intentional in providing our students with countless opportunities to both lead and serve others.

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Verity offers a variety of degrees for students to choose from. Each area of study has been carefully selected in order to provide our students with an excellent academic experience while also helping equip them to fulfill their specific calling.

  • Business Administration
    • Accounting
    • Entrepreneurship
    • General Management*
    • Human Resources
    • Information Systems
  • Commmunications
  • Criminal Justice
  • English
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Liberal Studies*
  • Music
  • Political Science
  • Social Science

*Associate’s degree also available Visit the Degree Programs page for a comprehensive breakdown of each degree.

Degree Programs

“Does God want your child to have just a piece of paper that represents a college degree, or a life-changing, spiritually-stretching experience? Verity offers both.”  


—Steve & Kathy Hills Parents of three Verity graduates

“The community of believers is something I cherished ever day. Students work towards their bachelor’s degrees and also towards becoming Christ’s disciples.”  


’10 Class, Nutritional Science

“Choosing the Verity Campus Program has provided me an incredible amount of support not only from the academic team but all the staff. Discovering my learning style and techniques for retaining information has greatly improved my academics.”  


’16 Class, Business Administration – General Management

“Verity didn’t just save me time on my bachelor’s degree. It has also developed my faith, strengthened my work ethic and people skills, and prepared me for the real world.”  


’14 Class, English


Verity’s Campus Experience program is unique in many ways. With its Christ-centered focus and a staff that is dedicated to the spiritual and academic growth of each student, the Campus program provides a college experience that has truly been redefined. For a more detailed breakdown of our pricing structure, check out our Costs page
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Verity College Education

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Verity College Education

Created to provide a way for Christians to obtain a fully accredited degree while also strengthening their faith, Verity College Education has developed an innovative approach to higher education. With over 600 graduates since its creation in 2001, Verity is more than just a college program – it’s a place to learn, connect, and excel with fellow followers of Jesus Christ. Find directions on Google Maps.

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