Higher Education for a Higher Calling

Whether you’re leading a business, serving on the mission’s field, or teaching your children at home, a college degree is often a necessary tool in today’s society. We have developed four different program tracks to help you move forward in your academic journey; each program provides different advantages based on your goals as a learner. Here’s a breakdown of our program features:

Degree Program Tracks

Verity offers three unique college-level programs that can help you earn your fully accredited bachelor’s or associate’s degree in just half the time and half the cost. How do we pull it off? Read about our innovative approach to college on our How It Works page. We’re proud of our programs and we’d love to tell you more about them! Please contact us at [email protected] or 844-3(VERITY).


College in a Christ-centered community.


Structured remote learning at an accelerated pace.


A degree program tailored to your needs.

Not sure which program is right for you?

Check out this helpful comparison chart to find out what the differences are between the programs!

Program Tracks Comparison

Campus Experience

Distance Learning

Adult Learning

In-state tuition rate with Thomas Edison State University (TESU)
21-month degree program options
Associate’s degree options
Available degrees14146
Academic scheduleStructuredFlexibleStudent-driven
2-week study modules for testsFlexible
Personal academic advising
Class instruction from a Biblical perspectiveLiveOnlineOnline
Course study tools (sudy guides, PowerPoints, worksheets, quizzes, practice tests, and more)Class handouts, OnlineOnlineOnline
TutoringLiveOn request
Graded homeworkOn request
Public speaking training in weekly SymposiumLiveLimited
Biblical Worldview Application Portfolio (BWAP)
Access to Verity’s on-campus libraryShipped
Testing center and proctoring feesOn-campus, waivedLocal, ~$25/testLocal, ~$25/test
Christ-centered community of students and staffLiveOnline
Options to come on campus
Senior missions trip opportunity

Dual Enrollment


Still in high school? Earn 30 credits by the time you graduate!

Orientation & Biblical Worldview Module
Study Materials (class videos, study guides, textbooks)
Online classroom and graded assignments
Personal advisement for 16 weeks

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