We Crave Your Prayers!

As our team sets out for Haiti, we know that it is only the power of Jesus Christ that can overcome the darkness that we will be encountering in the villages. Please pray for us and the people of Haiti as we seek to learn and serve, proclaiming the peace and freedom of our Lord everywhere we go.

Please pray for:

  1. Confidence in the power of our Savior as we head to one of Satan’s strongholds.
  2. Unity in the midst of diversity, having the team function as the body of Christ.
  3. Boldness to proclaim the Light of Jesus to the lost.
  4. Realization of our inadequacies, and our need for God to work through us.
  5. Growth for each member, and a deeper relationship fused by adversity.
  6. Expectation of great things from our God.
  7. Deep love and a servant’s heart towards those we go to serve.
  8. Wisdom and genuine love as we’re with the families we serve.
  9. General health, and safety as we work.
  10. Protection from satanic attacks.

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