Join In the Work

Our team will be working with Charis Ministry to reach out to the people of Haiti. Learn more about them and find out how you can join in the incredible work they’re doing!

About Charis

Charis (Greek for God’s Grace) operates in complete obedience to God, giving Him His rightful place in determining the path and goals of His ministry that He has, by grace, allowed it to perform.

Haiti’s only hope of freedom from spiritual bondage is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The current physical desperation and social disparities that have been meted out by Satan over centuries in Haiti will not instantaneously disappear. The ministry of the Holy Spirit must continue in order to destroy the spiritual scaffolding that supports the enduring structures of demonic agendas and Haitian bondage.

Their work focuses in four areas primarily: Communities, Education, Medical Care, Evangelism.

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