School and You:

Living and Learning to the Fullest


Andrew S.
August 18, 2016

Blog / School and You: Living and Learning to the Fullest

For anyone entering the new world of college, you’ve probably been given so much advice, and told so many things about college that you might feel like throwing it all out and just learning as you go. Life is certainly more interesting that way! However, even for the most spontaneous and adventurous of us, there are a few things about college that I would have greatly appreciated knowing before it came to an end.

“Enjoy college while it lasts!”

As obvious as this one may seem, I can tell you from personal experience that it’s sometimes very easy to fall into a mindset where all you think about is the finish line. College life is not always easy, and if you are not careful, you may end up spending more energy thinking about the future than enjoying the moment with all of its random opportunities.

Wouldn’t it be sad to make it to the end of your time as a student, only to regret not enjoying the people and places around you to the fullest? Time flies by too quickly to live for the next grade or finished course. Put people and experiences at the same level of importance as you place studies, because living in the moment is so worth it!

Time flies by too quickly to live for the next grade or finished course.

“You decide if you make life-long friends.”

Naturally, any relationship is a two-way street, yet sometimes the ball starts in our court. One of the greatest mistakes people tend to make when entering college is assuming that somehow you will be able to make best friends while never leaving your comfort zone or putting down your books.

College life really is in many ways a balancing act between academics and socializing. To make matters even more interesting, everyone on campus is having to do the same balancing act as you. Taking the first step and putting down your activities, even when you would rather not, is the deciding factor of whether you will be making temporary or lifelong friends.

Verity Fall Campout 2015

“Getting your degree can be a longer process than you thought.”

Especially if you complete college online, as I did, it may seem like once you finish all of your classes that you can just sit back and wait for your degree. Unfortunately, that is not always true. For me, meeting all my degree requirements was still only the first step of a longer process receiving my actual diploma.

While not the case for everyone, it is common to experience a bit of drama when it comes time to finalizing your degree. The stress of college will not fully subside until after this happens. However, when it all works out you will be so proud of yourself for persevering through it all.

If I could leave you remembering one thing, it would be this: Your time at college will fly by quicker than you can imagine so live each day for the beauty of the day, the thrill of the learning, and the love for people, not merely for the completion of your degree.

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