How to Support Your College Student From Home

        Kathy H. November 4, 2016 Blog / How to Support Your College Student From Home Sending my children away to college is something I never pictured myself doing. Before they were old enough, I just assumed they would all stay...

How to Cram for a Test

Joy C. October 21, 2016 Blog / How to Cram for a Test I really hope that you have a seriously good excuse as to why you didn't study for this test. Because cramming is not something that I condone, but I happen to be good at it, so I’ll help you out...

8 Dorm Room Decorations Under $10

Abby L. October 14, 2016 Blog / 8 Dorm Room Decorations for under $10 College is in full swing for many of us now. Schedules are packed, studying is intense, deadlines are sneaking up, and sleep is a distant memory. In the midst of all this, having a...

How to Fail Successfully

Sam A. October 7, 2016 Blog / How to Fail Successfully As a college student, I have had the opportunity to experience the joys of success and the terror that is failure. After studying my heart out, there is nothing better than seeing the reward of a...

How to be the Best College Roommate Ever

Angela P. September 23, 2016 Blog / How to be the Best College Roommate Ever If you’re like me, having a roommate is no new experience in your life. Growing up I had to share a room with sisters at home and friends when at summer camps. But having a roommate that’s...

One More Day

Stay tuned on this blog for daily updates and photos to come. For more information about what we will be doing, visit our Haiti Missions Trip page and learn about our team and how you can get involved!

16 Secret Study Tips from the ’16 Class

If there’s one thing we’re experts on at around here, it’s studying! With the incredible workload our students are under every given moment, healthy study habits are formed out of sheer desperation and necessity.

Our Peace in the Midst of Storm

As Easter approaches, our students head out on road trips, many of them returning home to be with loved ones. But our Spring Break is for more than just physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Cupcake Wars!

What happens when you combine a community of creative spirits with cabin fever and a commercial kitchen? You get Cupcake Wars, of course—Verity style!

The Ultimate Chemist

The search for knowledge can motivate one to accomplish amazing things—if not for practicality’s sake, then for the sheer wonder of it.

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