How to Support Your College Student From Home

        Kathy H. November 4, 2016 Blog / How to Support Your College Student From Home Sending my children away to college is something I never pictured myself doing. Before they were old enough, I just assumed they would all stay...

How to Cram for a Test

Joy C. October 21, 2016 Blog / How to Cram for a Test I really hope that you have a seriously good excuse as to why you didn't study for this test. Because cramming is not something that I condone, but I happen to be good at it, so I’ll help you out...

8 Dorm Room Decorations Under $10

Abby L. October 14, 2016 Blog / 8 Dorm Room Decorations for under $10 College is in full swing for many of us now. Schedules are packed, studying is intense, deadlines are sneaking up, and sleep is a distant memory. In the midst of all this, having a...

How to Fail Successfully

Sam A. October 7, 2016 Blog / How to Fail Successfully As a college student, I have had the opportunity to experience the joys of success and the terror that is failure. After studying my heart out, there is nothing better than seeing the reward of a...

How to be the Best College Roommate Ever

Angela P. September 23, 2016 Blog / How to be the Best College Roommate Ever If you’re like me, having a roommate is no new experience in your life. Growing up I had to share a room with sisters at home and friends when at summer camps. But having a roommate that’s...

Learning from the Best: A Father’s Day Post

My Mom and Dad were (and still are) the best teachers I could have wished for. They taught me to persevere and to serve others joyfully. Most importantly, they showed me the blessing of always relying on God and studying His Word

God Rather Than Man

God calls his children to submit to government authorities, but what if the government is oppressive? What if the government inhibits Christians from serving God? Ought Christians to submit still?

Day 11 (Monday): God is My Fortress

Thinking back over the past week and a half, I’ve just become so grateful for the prayers of our family and friends back home. I was completely exhausted, drained, and not ready to give. I knew that I couldn’t do this trip on my own.

Day 5 (Tuesday): The Blue Lagoon

In the afternoon, we went to a meeting with a group of believers that the missionaries are training to be leaders and I had the honor to teach. I was so blessed to see how eager they were to learn the word of God.

Day 4 (Monday): Village Visits

Today we made an hour long drive to a village that rested only 8 miles from our hotel. Whenever we complain about our road conditions in American it is humbling to think of 8 miles taking an hour to drive.

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