How to Fail Successfully

Sam A.
October 7, 2016

Blog / How to Fail Successfully

As a college student, I have had the opportunity to experience the joys of success and the terror that is failure. After studying my heart out, there is nothing better than seeing the reward of a passing score on a test. The sigh of relief and excitement of never again having to revisit a particular subject is like getting the best Christmas present ever. However, the best part is the feeling of accomplishment and motivation to tackle another challenge. Therein are my feelings about success, but what happens when I don’t pass?

After studying my heart out, there is nothing better than seeing the reward of a passing score on a test.

When I fail, the first thing that happens is the sinking feeling of, “Oh, crap. I failed.” That sick-to-your-stomach feeling of complete failure is second only to losing a favorite pet. 😦 What follows next is vain hope that this is all a mistake, and that I actually passed. Those three seconds of shallow wishing that this is all a bad dream and someone is playing a joke on me pass all to quickly. Then it’s back to the good ol’ sick stomach. Perhaps the worst part is afterwards seeing people who are happily waiting to congratulate me on my success only to find that….yep, I failed. The realization of having to restudy what I just had to learn is a huge weight to carry, and is one that I would wish on no one, not even my worst enemy. Well, maybe my worst enemy. 😀

Pick yourself up, and go succeed!

But the truth is, life isn’t all hearts and flowers. 😕 If that were the case, then that would be kind of a weird place to live. When the good comes and the tests are passed, it’s good to rejoice and feel good. However, when bad things happen is when we truly find out what kind of person we really are. For instance, what would have happened if Thomas Edison had quit working on the light bulb when he first failed? Or if Newton had stopped thinking when he first failed to come up with a correct theory?  We would be living in a world without light and gravity 😀, and that wouldn’t really be living at all! When I fail a test, my first thought is to just give up on school. Thoughts from Satan that I am stupid and that I can never achieve my goals flood my head and torment me.

When bad things happen is when we find out what kind of person we truly are.

Then I realize that these thoughts are all just lies. God makes no mistakes, and he made me, so, by default, I am made perfect in his sight. When I fail it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a step in life that when comes will define who I become tomorrow. One of my favorite quotes about failure comes from the movie Batman Begins. When Alfred, the butler, asks Batman his infamous question, “Why do we fall, sir?” Alfred’s answer to his own question is simple, yet powerful, “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” Bruce Wayne’s response to this is priceless and is a question that I often ask God. “You still haven’t given up on me?” Alfred’s exclamation is the exact same as God’s, “Never!”

Alfred never gives up on his friend, and God has never given up, nor will ever give up, on you. When you fail a test in school, don’t get that job that you wanted, or literally fall down, just learn from your mistakes. Get up off your knees and take on whatever else life throws at you. Always remember that, and your failures will eventually turn into successes.

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