Day 8 & 9 (Friday/Saturday): The Transformative Power of the Gospel

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April 23, 2016

Blog / Haiti Missions Trip / Day 8 & 9 (Friday/Saturday): The Transformative Power of the Gospel


What can get conveyed without the use of common language, without the words to come together to form sentences? Love.

I have seen this come true for me being here in Haiti. With very few words, I know I can make a connection with people and let my actions say the rest. Just to hold a child or to smile at them communicates more than I think we know.

Priscilla with two-month-old Ritchie

Priscilla with two-month-old Ritchie

Today, we had an amazing experience. We were able to go to a village in the mountains that no other mission team had ever been to before. We were able to meet with the children at their school and pass out supplies. The children got really excited when we decided to do a Bible skit for them. We did David and Goliath, and they loved that story!

Later in the day, we were able to go to a Bible study the mission family does every week. While the Bible study was going on, we took the children to get new outfits that were donated for them. When these little children who barely have anything got free clothes, it was so special to see how excited they were and proud to wear their new clothes.

One Scripture passage that comes to mind while being here in Haiti is Matthew 19:14: “Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

Just as Jesus loved on children and took time for them, I want to do the same. I really want to show the people here in Haiti how much Jesus loves them.


In Isaiah 52:7, it says “How beautiful upon the mountians are the feet of him who brings the good news.”

Today, we literally carried the gospel as we walked some 3 hours to a remote village along the coast. Once we got there, we just loved on the kids and then we had an opportunity to share the gospel with the adults. We used the five colors to illustrate the gospel.

Today, we literally carried the gospel as we walked some 3 hours to a remote village along the coast.

The first color was green, which we used to talk about creation and how, in the beginning, life was incorrupt. The second color was black, representing the now fallen state of mankind and our resulting separation from God. Third, we used the color of red, the color of blood, to signify the shedding of Christ’s blood when He died on the cross for us. The fourth color was white, because after Christ’s sacrifice for us, we can now be renewed by believing in Him. The fifth color was yellow, the color of gold, which we used to illustrate how we are now sons and daughters of God and how we have an inheritance which we will experience when we are glorified with Christ in heaven.

After we finished, a former vodou priest stood up and shared his testimony from how he used to serve the demons and how now he is changed through knowing Christ. We gave the truth of the gospel and the former vodou priest gave the heart of the gospel which is its transforming power when applied to our lives.

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