Day 10 (Sunday): Recharging


Andrew Hsu
April 25, 2016

Blog / Haiti Missions Trip / Day 10 (Sunday): Recharging

Bonjou peoples!

This past week has been anything but a vacation. Thankfully, Sunday is always a great day for a break to recharge our depleted batteries, and we got half a charge today.

Pastor Rodriguez led a devotional on gratefulness this morning after breakfast. There are indeed many things in life that we could and should be grateful for such as God’s mercy: individuals around us, good or even less than good health, looong devotionals, and similar opportunities to develop character =D

Macary Village Children

This afternoon found some of us engaged in a discourse on the wrath and love of God in the village of Peredo in a former voodoo camp. Meanwhile the other half of our core enriched the children’s program with a skit of David and Goliath, in addition to singing and coloring with the children. The last of our group met with their prayer families as we tagged along, playing with the numerous children we came across in the small community.

One thing that has really stood out to me on this missions trip is the poverty here in all aspects of the word. In the U.S., we think of poverty as unemployment, food stamps, late mortgage payments, and the like. Here, poverty takes on a whole new meaning with words that are painfully inadequate to describe. Passing out candy to children, knowing that it may be the only food that they get to eat today. Seeing piles of trash literally everywhere, sometimes with people looking through the trash, in hopes of finding something to eat.

Here, poverty takes on a whole new meaning with words that are painfully inadequate to describe.

Please pray that not only people here would come to see the love of Christ, but also that we can fully understand what that love is. Mesi anpil for all your support and bondye beni!

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