A Day in the Life of a Verity Senior

Sam A.
September 2, 2016

Blog / A Day in the Life of a Verity Senior

Life at my school can be a little stressful. I have class in the morning, then study all day, and somehow find time to finish all the homework from class. It can be fun though; it all depends on your outlook on life. Study and hard work are huge parts of my time here at Verity, but there is always room to have some fun and relax while a world of pressure is hovering over my head. 😀 Here’s just a glimpse into my life as a student and how my normal day might go.

Morning (or Mourning)

8:53 AM – Woke up a little late this morning. I’m going to have to rush to make it to class in time.

9:10 – Turns out I’m accidently a little late to class. Thankfully it hasn’t started yet.

9:12 – Today’s class is information systems. Seems pretty legit from the sound of it. Systems can’t be that hard right? Turns out its name is just to trick people like me 😑. It’s all about computers and how they work.

10:45 – Class is on break. Its nice to get a drink and relax. SO MUCH INFORMATION!


12:00 PM – Class just let out. Time to make lunch. The new Verity chef hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m just gonna have to be creative.

1:50 – Made some chili that could win awards, or feed a starving man. 😂

2:00 – Study. 

3:00 -Still studying… 😕

4:00 – Even more study…

4:30 – Decided to relax by playing my guitar and singing. I could be a country star if I really wanted to….or if the whole world went tone deaf. 😑


5:00 Dinner time. Yep, more chili… It’s just that delicious.

6:00 – Just figured out what a microprocessor is, how hot they get, and how they need to be cooled down with a fan and sometimes liquid nitrogen. I suppose you learn something new every day.

7:00 Bible study with Michael, Culby, and Steve. They may or may not have fallen asleep…

9:00 – Just remembered about the assignment for class today. I’m pretty sure I have to write and explain the difference between a Gigabyte and a Megatron. Or is it a Terabyte and a CPU bus? 😟 All these terms are getting a little confusing. Lol…well I’d had better get to work on it.

10:00 – Snack time! Spicy Ramen noodles—the college student’s life blood.

11:00 – Just finished the homework. Not bad just a little stressful… 😦

12:30 – Quiet time. read the proverbs for today. Proverbs 17:22, “A merry heart does good like medicine.” I needed that. Life at Verity can be pretty intense, but it’s never too late to have some fun.

1:00 – Spent a while with my good buddy Culby telling some jokes and laughing it up. Getting in my daily medicine.

2:00 – I finally collapse into a deep slumber. 😴 My bed is basically heaven on earth…

3:00 – Just woke up. Forgot to brush my teeth. Gotta stay healthy!

3:15 – Back to sleep I go. I have a new day ahead of me tomorrow.

So there you have it, a day in my life at college! A balance of work and play are essential for any college student. I recommend finding the ratio that best suits you and sticking to it. If you’re a night owl then do that. An early bird? Right on! In between? Cool. You do you. Whether introverted or extroverted, find your niche at home, in school, or at work and make yourself comfortable. Make friends, get stuff done, and don’t forget to get some good sleep!  


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