8 Dorm Room Decorations Under $10

Abby L.
October 14, 2016

Blog / 8 Dorm Room Decorations for under $10

College is in full swing for many of us now. Schedules are packed, studying is intense, deadlines are sneaking up, and sleep is a distant memory. In the midst of all this, having a place to get some peace and quiet is essential, whether for concentrated study or just a good nap. For me, that place is my dorm room. There is just one problem with that: most dorm rooms are not designed with a calming, peaceful atmosphere. White, cinderblock walls and old, rough, wooden beds are common. It can be difficult to rest in such a stiff environment. So, it’s nice to be able to personalize your room and make it as comfortable as possible. Of course, there is always the cost to consider, so here are 8 decorating tips each for $10 or less.

1. Christmas lights

These can be found at Walmart and some craft stores as well. Christmas lights are perfect to be hung around desks, beds, from the ceiling, or wherever you can find room! I have found they add just a little bit of light around my bed that helps me see what i am doing while not be excessively bright and annoying to my roommates.

2. DIY Quotes Canvas

DIYs are all over the place, but who really has time to do all those fancy things in college? Most of the time we are looking for something quick and simple to add just a little color and personality to our rooms. For this DIY, all you need is a blank canvas, your favorite color of acrylic paint, and a sharpie. Just paint the canvas with the acrylic paint, let it dry, then use the sharpie to write your favorite quote, verse, lyrics, or whatever you want and – voila!

In the midst of all this college chaos, having a place to get some peace and quiet is essential.

3. Colorful Blanket

Most blankets cost quite a bit, but I have found some small ones at Walmart before that not only add color to your bed and room, but make great curtains around a bottom bunk, whether you are using it as a bed or as a desk area.

4. Flowers

Fake flowers can be super cheap. They also nicely dress up any room. If you don’t like normal fake flowers, solar flowers are also a good option. They are colorful and wave in the sunshine, which is super cute!

5. Maps

Maps look cool, cover up blank wall space, and might even be helpful with school sometimes. Enough said.

Though you’re not at home, college doesn’t have to feel like living in a hospital.

6. Posters

Few things can change the look of plain walls as cheaply and easily as posters. Also, there are posters for pretty much everything, so you can personalize your room with your favorite things as much as you want.

7. Flags

Flags are a perfect way to show your state or country pride. They add color and just look cool in general.

8.  Calendar

This sounds boring, but just like posters, calendars can have whatever theme you want, and help you keep track of upcoming deadlines and events. Though this seems like the most obvious and unimaginative idea ever, having a good calendar can add a neat dimension to an otherwise plain room.

So there you have it! Eight tips to make your dorm room feel more like a home. They’re all mostly interchangeable for guys and girls (maybe not those flowers though). In order to keep your stress levels down, it is essential for you to feel that you have a place where you can relax, so grab a few bucks and make your stark prison cell of a dorm room into a place you call your own.

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