Whether you are fresh out of high school, already have college credits, or are a working adult who’s finally ready to earn that degree you have always dreamed of, our advisors are ready to help you craft a customized educational track that fits your specific needs. With both campus and remote learning options, location should never be a problem. And whether you are determined to finish your degree in 21 months or want to work at your own pace, find the support and expert advice you need with Verity’s dedicated staff.

With both campus and remote learning options, location should never be a problem. Since its creation in 2001, Verity College Education has built a solid foundation in academic excellence. Here are some notable advantages that are available through Verity.

Financial Savings

While enrollment and tuition costs for most public and private U.S. colleges average around $23,900 and $32,400 respectively per year for four to six years, Verity’s degree programs cost around $10,400 per year for only two years. That calculates out to be less than half the time and a fraction of the cost of a traditional college program! For more information on the cost breakdown of earning a degree through Verity, check out our What Does It Cost? page.

Graduation Rate

Verity’s graduation rates offer a marked advantage over those of traditional colleges. While the National Average is currently a 55% graduation rate for 6 years of study, 82% of Verity’s students graduate in 3 years or less. Over the last fourteen years of its existence with over 600 graduates, Verity boasts an average completion period of 28 months. On the other hand, traditional colleges guide their students through a period 52 months of study.

Quality Results

Verity approaches academics with the greater mission of equipping our students to fulfill God’s purposes for their life and the world through them. Our study materials and classes are all carefully constructed to help shape the future leaders of our society and train them to view all of life from a Biblical perspective. With this vision in mind, Verity students have taken over 10,000 exams with a 90.1% passing rate.


of verity students graduate in 3 years or less

28 months

average completion period


passing rate for over 10,000 exams

Partnership with Thomas Edison State College (TESC)

Verity has a relationship with Thomas Edison State College (TESC) which allows us to actively disciple, instruct, and guides students as they earn fully accredited undergraduate degrees from TESC in just two years. While Verity provides all of the study tools with a Biblical worldview, TESC awards the accredited degree.

Program Track Availability

Find out more about the four unique programs that Verity offers.


College in a Christ-centered community.


Structured remote learning at an accelerated pace.


A degree program tailored to your needs.


Still in high school? Earn 36 credits by the  time you graduate!

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