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How Do Verity Students Earn Their Degrees?

In the past, earning a college degree required students to attend full-length classes in person over the course of four long years with few alternatives to choose from. However, times have changed, and like everything else in the world, education is continually adapting to what’s current to society and the shifting needs of the college student.

Time is money, and today, many students don’t want to spend four or more years earning a diploma when there are other options available. Instead, flexibility and opportunities to gain real-life work experience are key ingredients in a student’s academic and professional growth.

We’ve identified the unique needs and goals that have emerged from this generation and have constructed an innovative approach to higher education for students looking for an accelerated, more affordable, and life-development focused bachelor’s program.

General Education
(~60 credits)

Students focus on a single subject for a few weeks at a time with Verity’s modular approach and test for 3-6 credits per course with credit-by-examination tests such as CLEPs and DSSTs.

(~27 credits)

For this portion of their degree, students have increased flexibility in choosing classes that are specific to their area of study and particular interests. These additional credits are typically earned through lower and upper-level credit-by-examination tests.

Core Requirements
(~33 credits)

Degree-specific courses and upper-level exams comprise the bulk of credits earned for core requirements.

Your Degree
(120 credits)

Verity students graduate with regionally accredited bachelor’s degrees and have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, missionaries, stay-at-home moms… the opportunities truly are limitless! What will you do with the time and money you save through Verity?

The Modular Approach

Traditionally, college students take multiple classes at a time over the course of a semester. Classes often lack integration, and large amounts of information are covered, then forgotten, due to the compartmentalization that occurs from needing to balance four to six classes per semester.

At Verity, we’ve developed a modular approach that allows students to study one subject at a time. Rather than attending multiple classes at the same time and stretching them out over a semester or two, this method allows you to accumulate credits much more efficiently and in a shorter amount of time. While intensive, this shortened time-frame enables you to fully immerse yourself in each subject matter for a well-rounded learning experience, and maximize on the time being spent.

Consider the following comparison of Verity’s 21-month approach to the traditional 4-year college paradigm.

All bars signify 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

Verity’s 21-Month Program

Traditional 4-Year College Program

This approach is the key to how our students are able to shorten their time spent earning a degree while also saving a substantial amount of money. Credit-by-exam tests result in a very low cost-per-credit that the traditional college model simply cannot match. Learn more about the financial benefits of Verity’s programs on our Debt-Free & Financial Aid page.

When you combine the effectiveness of this learning style with Verity’s specialized academic schedule, the result is a natural learning process that builds on itself and helps each student approach his or her individual studies with a bigger picture in mind.

Learn more about our academic services on our Academics page.

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