Spiritual Discipleship

Rise Up is a 12-week online discipleship course for young adults. Their mission is to see young people encounter God through His Word and discover a personal relationship with Him in a deeper way than ever before. Gain a vision for how to live with a Kingdom mindset and an eternal perspective as you grow with a team of like-minded believers who are seeking to know God in a real and personal way.

The course structure consists of online training videos, written material and assignments, online team meetings, and accountability partners for spiritual disciplines. Each student is part of a team that meets weekly with a team leader that guides discussions and initiates conversation. Your coach will check in on how you are doing throughout the time of the course and also assigns an accountability partner who you will also talk with weekly as you encourage and invest in one another.

Dig deeper into these three core themes through the course workbook and team interactions.


The greatest quest of the human life is to know God. Sadly, we have confused knowing God personally with simply knowing about Him. God is not a concept to be studied; He is a Being that desires to know you and be known by you. In this module, explore questions such as “how do we come to know God?,” “what does it mean to love Him?” and “what does faith look like in my everyday life?”


Do you realize that you have been placed with a purpose? God has imprinted each of us with the unique purpose of furthering His great cause. So how does this vision influence the way we interact with others? In order to truly give, we must first receive. Not only have you been “fearfully and wonderfully made,” you have also been fearfully and wonderfully placed.


With the foundation that is built with the first two modules, learn what it means to build and invest towards God’s Kingdom. We are all looking for a cause: something that is worth living—and dying—for. It’s all too easy to build our lives around things that won’t last. But as Christ’s followers, we’ve truly been given the greatest cause of all. What does it mean to “seek His Kingdom first” and “make disciples of all nations?” Unpack these concepts and more as you gain a renewed vision for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Are you ready to rise up?

Visit their website for more information and course registration dates.

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